30 Oct

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Christy she was 17 and had a Beautiful long wavy green and black hair her brother always told her to do his work so one day as she was washing the clothes an old women appeared and said “Hello little girl why are you washing your brothers cloths ?”Christy said “Well my brother is older than me nd he bosses me and our mother and father so he told ,me  to wish his clothes” then the old women gave Christy a magic wand and told her to use it wisely so after that day Christy told no one about that wand then her brother John said “go do the dishes “ but Christy went and took the wand and said l no, listen to me and do your own chores “ suddenly John listens and went do his chores  then she made her family rich and gave the wand back to the old women and she left after the past few days the old women came back and gave her the ability to cast magic out of her hands so they all lived happily ever after Oh ya and the women also made John have magic to because she loves every body the end

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